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G&W Electric and SEL work closely with you to design fire mitigation strategies that can be rapidly implemented across your electrical infrastructure. Our flexible solutions meet your unique needs in eliminating wildfire risk to address public safety concerns and satisfy regulatory mandates.

System Hardening

Eliminate Sparking and Sources of Ignition

By installing new equipment, upgrading aging infrastructure, or a combination of the two, we help you quickly minimize fire risk. Our solutions for system hardening center on flashover mitigation designed to reduce risk in high fire threat areas that are most susceptible to ignitions.

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Enhanced System Protection

Respond to Fire Threats With Speed and Precision

We can improve your system protection against wildfires with strategies that take advantage of technological advancements, including downed conductor detection, adaptive reclosing and fast fault clearing. As an expert in system integration, we can seamlessly integrate these features to align with your fire mitigation strategy.


Our compact Viper-ST reclosers with SEL controls can be preassembled with a range of fire mitigation features to significantly reduce installation time.


When placed inside or outside substations, CLiP can detect and clear faults in less than half a cycle, significantly reducing fire risk.

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Our padmount package with Trident bypass enables underground placement of Viper reclosers in areas where overhead equipment poses a high fire risk.

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SEL Recloser Control

The SEL-651R Recloser Control offers exceptional protection and communications capabilities, including Arc Sense technology (AST), for detection of downed conductors.

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