CLiP-LV delivers reliable, high-speed current interruption to keep workers and equipment safe from the threat of faults and arc flashes. Its simple operation and flexible placement make maintenance easy and installation seamless with your existing equipment.

Arc Flash Mitigation

Prevent Catastrophic Damage and Injury

Circuit breakers typically take five or more cycles to halt fault currents. CLiP-LV can detect and eliminate faults and arc flashes in less than half of one cycle. This significant improvement protects personnel and electrical equipment by reducing exposure to the dangerous heat and explosive force produced by longer-lasting arc flashes.

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Fault Current Protection

Safeguard Mission-Critical Operations

CLiP-LV prevents the failure of lower-rated electrical equipment from fault current damage by allowing you to precisely control the amount of current moving through your system. This current limiting feature saves you from having to upgrade to higher-rated equipment and can be connected to your network for remote enabling and disabling.


Our low-voltage current limiting protector combines an interrupter and parallel current-limiting fuse to minimize the impact of faults on your system.

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